Video and Audio Editing and Converting Tools

on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AVS4You ( offers cheap and easy to use audio and video editing and converting tools. The home page of the site is a little misleading, as the download buttons say "Free download," but the non-activated versions have a watermark in the middle of the screen (shown below), as well as an audio watermark for audio tools. So, you're going to have to pay to get anything useful.

Still, their products are easy to use, and cheap: $39 for a one year subscription to all the tools they offer, and $59 for unlimited access to all their audio and video tools.

The screenshot below shows how simple the video conversion tool is. You select the file you wish to convert, select what format you want to convert it to using the icons at the top, choose a folder and a file name, and click "Convert Now."

The video editing tool is similarly user-friendly. You import video clips, drag them into the time line at the bottom, where you can trim them, add text, transitions, and audio tracks. A screenshot is below.


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