Read It Later

on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There are lots of cool "add-on's" for Firefox, which allow you to customize your browser to best fit your own personal habits. You can add instant Babelfish translation, be notified of email, or receive scoring updates from your favorite teams.
You can view them all at

A recent one that has worked its way into my every day life is Read It Later. It puts a little checkmark icon in the location bar of Firefox (circled in red below), and a "Read It Later" folder in your bookmarks menu. If you run across an interesting article or webpage, you simply click the checkmark icon in the location bar, and it will save the webpage as a bookmark inside the Read It Later folder inside your bookmarks menu. That way, you can look at the pages you've flagged when you find the time.

Read It Later is also available for Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and many cellphones. Learn more about it, and download it, at

Thanks to Loretta Lohman for suggesting the topic of Firefox add-ons.


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