Pixlr, a Free Online Image Editor

on Monday, February 2, 2009

In the recent past, Jeff Wood has been offering trainings to county offices in the usage of both Photoshop and its open source counterpart, The Gimp. Another great tool for photo editing/manipulation that you may want to look at is called Pixlr. It's free, and all you really need in order to access the service is a Web Browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, etc...) and a relatively recent version of Adobe's Flash Player. Check out their FAQ if you have more questions. To begin using Pixlr, go to their website and click on the picture to get started. http://www.pixlr.com

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You will see a series of menus appear near the bottom of your Web Browser's tools and bookmarks. Select File > Open to quickly upload an image and begin editing. I found that tool is fairly intuitive (especially if you are a Photoshop or Gimp user) and is easy to use.

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The folks at Pixlr have expressed that the tool is geared more towards the amateur user rather than the professional, but if all you need to do is some basic photo editing, this tool might just do the trick. Have fun!


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