on Monday, February 9, 2009

I thought I'd post three items recently referred to me by readers of this blog.

File Replicator
Loretta Lohman brings the File Replicator to our attention. It's free, fast, and does just what it says it will: find and update multiple versions of the same file. You pick the file you want to be the "master," and File Replicator looks for other versions of the document and changes them to replicate the version you pick. File Replicator includes safeguards to keep you from accidentally deleting the wrong thing: you choose a root folder for the search, you can choose to search only and not replace, and before you replace, you're shown a list of the files to be replaced. It's a good tool to to make sure that all copies of an important document are up-to-date.

To download it from PC World, go to,75897-order,3/description.html

Google and the Dangers of Monoculture
Perry Brewer sent me an article about the dangers of monoculture. With our increasing reliance on various Google tools--G-mail, Google Docs, Google maps, Google Reader--the article poses the question "What would happen if Google went away?" The deeper issue is the problem created by near-complete reliance on a single vendor for a solution to a problem, and is equally applicable to Microsoft as well.

The whole article can be viewed at ZDNet.

Remember the Milk
Finally, Mary Snow sent me a link to a nifty little on-line gadget called Remember the Milk, which is reminder list, quite similar to the task list on Outlook, but with the added benefit of being on-line, and thus accessible from anywhere. Plus, it's free! In it's most basic form it's a simple to-do list, but it can also send you daily or one-time reminders on task status and future appointments. Tasks and task lists can be shared with other Remember the Milk users. You can use it for tasks ranging from grocery lists to project management.

Register for Remember the Milk at


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