Free Recorded Conference Calls

on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You can host an unlimited number of free conference calls at the easy to remember ( The only charge involved is the normal domestic long distance rates charged by the participants' long distance carriers. The teleconference can have up to 96 participants for a 6 hour period of time per session. You can record the conference call for playback and download as well.

Like so many on-line services, you register for the service with only an email address and a password. They send you a dial-in number, a host access code, and a participant access code. So all you need to do is email the participants the call-in number and the access number and the time the call starts. You don't even need to schedule the call with

To record, hit *9, then a PIN (also emailed to you by To stop the recording, hit *9 again. Other button-activated features are shown in the screennshot below. To listen to the recording, you call the provided phone number, enter an access code, and you're in. You can rewind and fast forward using the buttons of your phone. The only limitation is that it will only archive one recording at a time (when you make a new recording, it replaces the old one). But, and this is very cool, you can download the recording in either .wav or as an RSS feed through the website.

Give it a try! Let us know how it went.

Thanks to Ruth Willson, Mark Platten and Judy Barth for letting us know about this service.


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