on Friday, February 27, 2009

Pitaschio is a neat, free, extremely lightweight program that allows you to make odd little tweaks to your desktop, to customize mouse clicks, mousewheel movements, shortcut keys, and window behaviors.

A few of it's many features:

"Snapping" and resizing. You can set windows so they'll snap into place next to other windows, and set resizing options to allow you to more easily resize open windows.

Disable keys. You can disable certain keys you often hit by mistake, such as the Caps lock key and the Insert key. You can also temporarily disable your entire keyboard to allow you to clean it.

Autoraise. If you have multiple windows on the desktop, Pitstachio will bring to the forefront whichever window you move you mouse over (as opposed to clicking the window). You can set a time delay on this function.

Shortcut keys. Easily create you own shortcuts to many common Windows tasks (e.g. Ctrl + double click brings up the Control Panel, mouse wheel turns down the sound).

You can even find out how many days old (i.e. past the new moon) the current moon phase is, with a screentip next to the Pistachio icon. Weird.

It is easily customizable. The screenshot below shows many of the functions available. Give it a try.

Download Pictachio here, or click the link to learn more.

Thanks to Loretta Lohman for the tip.


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