on Friday, March 4, 2011

The PrintFriendly website ( creates a print-friendly, text-only version of any web page URL you input into it, which can then be printed, emailed or turned into a PDF by the site. It does so by stripping out images, formatting, navigation and CSS styling, leaving only text and links.

My own computer applications page looks initially like this:

After entering my URL into the PrintFriendly site, it returned this page preview, which can then be printed, turned into a PDF by PrintFriendly, or emailed:

It also allows you to quickly delete large chunks of text by showing you a "click to Delete" link whenever you roll over a paragraph, allowing you to quickly edit the text from the web page and keep only what needs to be printed.

Save paper. Give PrintFriendly a try.

Thanks yet again to Loretta Lohman for the tip.


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