on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I do not have a fax machine. To sign documents, I've always needed to print them out, sign them, and mail them via snail mail.

No longer.

A great, free way to digitally add your signature to documents, and then fax or email them, is available at HelloFax (http://www.hellofax.com/). You input the email or fax number you want to send to, upload the document, and add a signature by drawing one with your mouse, or uploading a .jpg of your signature (I actually drew it in Photoshop with my mouse, thn saved it as a .jpg). After you add the signature, you drag it to where it's supposed to go, and resize, if necessary.

If you register with the site, you can save your signature file there, and easily add it to any document you upload.

Only the first 20 faxes are free. However, if you are sending the document to an email address, which I generally do, you can use the srvice an unlimited number of times. For free!

Thanks to Slate's article Kill Your Fax Machine for the tip.


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