Google Voice

on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

eXtension has a great occasional series called 30 Minute sessions, usually at noon MST, that quickly provide an overview of various Tech topics. And it's during lunch, so you can watch and listen while you eat! If you aren't on their mailing list, go to to sign up. You'll need an account with eXtension. I strongly suggest you do so. It's a great asset.

This week's topic was Google Voice, yet another very cool (and free!) new gadget from Google. You can sign up, or simply learn more about it, at

Google Voice lets you consolidate and manage all your various phone services from one online service: cell, home, and work numbers. Google Voice provides a powerful suite of communications tools, including the ability to:

  • Forward calls from one or more phones, or directly to voicemail. Based on who's calling, you can select which of your phones will ring.
  • Consolidate all voicemail messages from various phones into one place, and allow you to listen to those messages online.
  • Receive text/email alerts when you get a call.
  • Transcribe voicemails, which Google Voice will send as email and/or text messages to your cell phone.
  • Share voicemails or transcriptions of voicemails via email.
  • Screen callers by asking for and recording their names.
  • Block annoying callers.
  • Vary personalized greetings by caller.
  • Record phone conversations and listen to them in your Google Voice inbox.
This really is a great tool, and my fast synopsis does not do it justice. Give it a look.


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