Using Dreamweaver's FTP

on Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dreamweaver has a nifty little FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that allows you to easily upload and download files between your computer and the web server that houses your website. The key is to NOT use the File pane on the right (outlined in black in the illustration below; click to enlarge), as it is easy to get confused as to whether you're working in local view or remote view. The best way to transfer files is to toggle the File pane to expand it to the entire window. The toggle is located at the very right of the toolbar above the File pane (circled in yellow below).

One you click the toggle button, you'll see your local files (the ones on your computer) at the right (see below; click to enlarge). If you click the Connect button (labeled 1 in the illustration below) you'll connect to the server, and then see the remote files (the ones on the web server) on the left. To upload a file to the web server, select the file from the local files on the right, then click the Upload button (labeled 2). The file will upload from your computer to the web server. To download a file from the web server, select the file from the server on the right, then click the Download button (labeled 3). The file will download from the web server to your own computer.


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