Colorblind Web Page Filter

on Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A web accessibility tool after my own heart! Color-blindness is an oft-neglected but important consideration when determining web accessibility. There is a tool at that allows you to see your website as a colorblind person would see it. The sight can replicate lots of different forms of colorblindness, from the relatively common red/blue color-blindness (8% of males) to total color blindness, or monochromacy (well under 1% of the population).

Just cut and past your URL into the box, and choose the type of color blindness you'd like to replicate. Some screen shots of the Extension template with the colorblind filter applied are below.

Our website in full color:

Our website as it would look to someone with red/green color blindness:

Our website as it would look to someone with monochromacy:


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