on Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You can record your computer screen, with narration and a webcam picture, using the free on-line Screentoaster ( It require no download or registration to use. You simply go to the website, click the "Start Recording" button, choose your webcam (if desired), your microphone input, and whether you want to record the entire screen or merely a region. Click Alt + S to start the recording, and Alt + S again to stop it. The result can be downloaded as a .mov or .swf file. If you register with Screentoaster, you can also upload your video to the Screentoaster site or to YouTube (albeit without webcam support), or embed it into a blog or a website, as I've done below.

You can use Screentoaster to record tutorials, Powerpoint presentations, slideshows, anything that can be shown on a computer monitor.

This short sample Screentoaster video shows how to upload a file in Dreamweaver:


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