Google Translate

on Friday, April 24, 2009

Yet another amazing tool from the folks at Google. You can, with three or four clicks of a mouse, translate your webpage into over 40 languages. Go to the Google Translate site (, enter the URL of your website, the language the site is in, and the language you wish to translate it to, and hit the "translate" button. It reutrns a URL that has your ENTIRE website transtated, not just the home page. You can use the returned URL to provide a translated version of your site.

Other cool features: look over to the right and you'll see the Google Translate button for this blog. Choose a language, and the blog will be instantly translated for you. Go ahead. Try it. I'll wait.

Cool, huh? All that was invloved was copying and pasting one line of embedded code, provided by the Google Translate site. It also has tools to translate plain text to any of 40-ish languages, and has drag and drop buttons for your browser toolbar, to allow you to tranlate any webpage you encounter to another language with just one click.

Here are before and after shots of my own website, first in English, then Spanish. Note that text incorporated into graphics will not be translated.


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