Large File Sharing

on Monday, January 12, 2009

Many of you have probably encountered the situation of trying to send a file via email that is too large to send. You try compressing it, using a .zip program, and still can't get under the file size limit. You end up having to burn the files onto a CD and send the CD via snail mail. Which kind of defeats the purpose of email.

There are several free on-line resources where you can upload large files and designate specific email addresses to download them. Here are four of them (I personally use Send This File most frequently). (free, 100 mb limit per upload, 1 gb per month limit)‏ (free, no file size limit, 3 downloads max, 3 days for recipient to pick it up) (free, 500 mb limit per upload)‏ (free, 300 mb limit per upload)

They all work pretty much the same way. You register at the site with your email and a password, upload the file, and give the email address of the recipient. The recipient receives email notification of the file and a link to retrieve it. The recipient clicks the link and downloads the file. That's it! It's very easy for all involved, and the files are Encrypted and secure.

Did i mention that it's free? All these sites offer paid premium services that allow faster uploads, larger file limits, email lists, etc, but the free service will usually do just fine.


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