10 Steps To Extension 2.0

on Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today's post is an extension of my previous post about Slideshare.

I'm embedding Beth Kantor's Slideshare presentation, 10 Steps To Extension 2.0, for a couple of reasons. First is the content itself. While the accompanying narration isn't with the embed, the slideshow is well designed and visually interesting enough to get the main ideas across without the narration. Those ideas are about how Extension can use the emerging tools in what is commonly called "Web 2.0" to more effectively engage their communities.

I also want to embed the slideshow to demonstrate how easy it is to use resources like Youtube and Slideshare, and encourage you to share your own resources with these kinds of services, and to borrow from these services for your own blogs, websites, and presentations. This presentation was found in the "Cooperative Extension" community of Slideshare.


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