IFTTT (IF This, Then That)

on Monday, July 8, 2013

IFTTT is a free on-line tool that triggers an on-line action when a specific event happens.  It sounds  simple, but potential uses for it are limitless.  It is easy to customize and use, and many examples are available to browse.  Find it at https://ifttt.com/.

Examples: Have an email sent to you when someone tags you on Facebook.  Have a text message sent to you on any day it is supposed to rain.  Email travel receipts to Evernote.  Get an email whenever the Mets win.

You choose the trigger (the event) and the event (what happens when the trigger is activated).   Let's go back to that example where you get emailed when it's going to rain.

The trigger (this) in this example is a specific weather condition (you could also, for example, get a text when the weather goes below freezing). 

 The action (that) is getting a customized email telling you it's going to rain (you could also, for example, have it send you a text or a post to Evernote).

It's very simple, but infinitely customizable, and you can create complex chains of triggers and events.  There are many "recipes" on the site, so you can browse until you find one that is close to fitting your needs, and then tweak it until it does exactly what you want it to.

This is a fun and powerful tool.  Give it a try! 


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