Importing PowerPoint Into Prezi

on Monday, June 25, 2012

Prezi--the excellent non-liner alternative to PowerPoint--has always allowed you to import PowerPoints into your Prezi presentation with the Insert tool, but there is now a dedicated PowerPoint Import tool, making the process that much easier.  At left is a screenshot of the "zebra," Prezi's primary formatting tool.  The new PowerPoint Import tool is highlighted in a blue box (or perhaps purple; I'm color-blind).  At any rate, click it, browse to your PowerPoint, and you've turned your PowerPoint into a Prezi.

Prezi can be found at  Most versions are free, and if you apply for an educational license you can get some exciting paid options free as well.

Some excellent tips and tricks for "Prezi-fying" your PowerPoint presention by taking advantage of Prezi's zooming and framing capabilities are below.  I highly recommend you spend 3 minutes watching the video if you are interested in learning more about Prezi.



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