Fall 2011 Connect Schedule

on Friday, August 26, 2011

The Fall 2011 series of Connect sessions will deal with two subjects: Working With Websites and Creating Video Podcasts.

On the first Wednesday of every month the Working With Websites sessions will explore the basics of managing a website, and is strongly recommended to those learning to work with the CSU Extension webpage template. Each session will end with a troubleshooting segment, where we open up the session to solving specific web problems and answering questions.

Webpage Template sessions:

  • Sept 7: Defining the site in Dreamweaver; Root folders; Making and uploading simple changes
  • Oct 5: Adding content (paragraphs, headers, lists, blockquotes); Adding new pages
  • Nov 2: SSIs (Server Side Includes): How SSIs work; Manipulating SSIs
  • Dec 7: Creating an engaging home page (tables and multimedia)
On the third Wednesday of every month Joane Littlefield and Jeff Wood will hold a series of Connect sessions on Creating Video Podcasts. They will take you through the entire process of creating your own video, from creating your storyboards and recording your narration to editing your video and distributing the final product.

Creating Video Podcasts
  • Sept 21: First steps, best practices / Working with titles
  • Oct 19: How to shoot / Working with sound
  • Nov 16: All about editing
  • Dec 14: Distributing your video
All sessions start at 9 a.m. and will last about an hour. Mark your calenders now!


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