5 Web-Based Alternatives to PowerPoint

on Friday, January 14, 2011

The site ReadWriteBiz has a great article this month on 5 web-based alternatives to PowerPoint.

Included is Prezi (we'll be having a Connect session on using Prezi next week on January 19), a free Flash-based alternative to PowerPoint that allows a much more non-linear approach to your presentation. A particularly creative example is embedded below. Click the forward arrow to move the presentation along.

Also mentioned in the article are Sliderocket (http://www.sliderocket.com/), a collaborative, Web-based application that allows users to comment and answer polls in real time, 280 Slides (http://280slides.com/), a web-based presentation tool that has the look and feel of Apple's Keynote, Google Docs (https://docs.google.com/), which allows you to create, store and present presentations online, and Zoho Show (http://show.zoho.com/), which allows live audio chat with presentees.

All are free (or have free versions), all are web-based. Give them a try!

Thanks to Loretta Lohman and Erin Pheil for the tip.


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