on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, at, is a free tool that allows you to draw and add text to any webpage, then publish the result to share with others. Best of all, there are no downloads necessary, no registration required.

Go to and drag the markup icon to your bookmarks menu. Then whenever you want to mark up a webpage, choose the bookmark. A toolbox will appear in the upper lefthand corner (screenshot at upper left), allowing you to add shapes and text to a page. In the example below, I've circled a link and added text saying the link doesn't work.

When your markup is done, you click Publish. You'll be prompted to move a slider from left to right. When you do, a URL will appear. Copy the URL, send it to whoever you'd like to share your markup with (see below). Fast and easy. v To see the markup page used in this example, go to

Thanks to Loretta Lohman and Erin Pheil for the tip!


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