Windows 7 Expanded "Send To" Command

on Thursday, June 10, 2010

Many of you may use a right-click and the "Send To" command to quickly send a file or folder to your desktop, a flash drive, a zip folder, or an email recipient. This option is available in all recent versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7). A screenshot is below.

In Windows 7, however, if you hold down the Shift key while right-clicking on the icon, and then try the Send To menu, you'll see all sorts of extra options, allowing you to send documents to Contacts, Favorites, My Documents, etc. A screenshot is below.

Finally, if you want any of those to show up normally without holding down the Shift key, you can create shortcuts in the Send To folder. Just type the following into the location bar - shell:sendto - and then drag shortcuts to your preferred folders into this folder. In the example below I've dragged "Snagit 10" into the Send To folder.


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