IE Tester

on Thursday, June 11, 2009

IE Tester (, from My DeBugBar, allows you to test your websites on multiple versions of Internet Explorer, including IE 8, IE 7 IE 6 and IE 5.5.

It is important to test and preview your webpages in several browsers, from Firefox and Safari to all the various flavors of Internet Explorer out there. The problem with Internet Explorer is that you can only download the most recent version from Microsoft. And, when you do, it will attempt to overwrite the older version.

IE Tester is an elegant solution to this problem. I've previously mentioned Multiple IE as a solution, but, while a good product, Multiple IE does not install on Vista, nor does it allow testing on IE7 and IE8. IE Tester overcomes these limitations nicely.

Thanks to Zach Hittle for the suggestion.


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