on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First off, I'd like to acknowledge eXtension and their always informative 30 Minute Sessions, which give fast nutshell descriptions and demos of emerging technologies and tools via the Connect system. To be notified of upcoming 30 Minute Sessions, go to the eXtension People page (https://people.extension.org/communities/learn) and click "Join Community." You'll need an eXtension ID, which will, I promise, take less than a minute.

The reason I'm plugging eXtension here is that I learned about drop.io during one of their 30 minute sessions, and begin using it on a daily basis almost immediately. It's at it's simplest a file drop, a place you can back up files, large or small, and share them with others. I use it as a place to access documents I'm working on from multiple computers. I keep music files on there as well, to play while I'm working.

It can store any kind of file (as opposed to, say, Google Docs), is very fast, and very customizable. You can choose the name of your subfolder (e.g. drop.io/csuextension/) if it's not already taken, password protect your site, change the background, and receive email notifications when anything is added.

Big bonus: each site you set up also automatically is given it's own email address, phone number, fax number, and conference call extension. So you can use it as a "drop" for emails, voice-mails, and faxes. You can even use it as a "bridge" to host conference calls.

Did I mention it's free? Go to http://drop.io/ to learn more, and sign up for your own "drop." Hint: you will be assigned a random series of numbers and letters as your subfolder name, but you can enter in your own title, assuming it's not taken.

Below is a screenshot of the file uploader in action.


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